I launched into hand-crafting jewelry and marketing wholesale through Dallas Market and America's Mart in Atlanta about 9 years ago. I found the jewelry to be another vehicle to paint on since I am a "painter". The more I became involved in the clay jewelry making, I realized I was a clay sculptor as well as a designer. It's one thing to sit down and paint on canvas. It's completely another to dream up a jewelry design in your head and on paper and then be able to execute the construction of that... all the way down to turning it into a great selling jewelry line.  I love this creative job and feel blessed to have it. Each piece is so hands-on... from cutting around shapes with a small blade to smoothing those edges down with fingertips... stamping the back of each piece... putting the hook down into the clay... painting, top-coating and placing crystals on some of the pieces.  Other pieces are sculpted/formed and a mold is then made of the piece for reproducing it over and over again. 

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